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A Chaotic Schedule into Adulthood.

I told myself I was going to schedule everything out this semester so I can be better organized. Yet when I tried to do it, I realized how chaotic my life actually is. You know it's bad when you look at one day of your schedule and get a head ache. Honestly I think I'd be better of just going with the flow. It's worked for me thus far. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." You all know that saying.

It's kind of funny really, thinking about how much I've been doing in just these past two days of school. I mean I have to schedule time to have fun. Now THAT'S sad. Sigh. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm swamped or anything, it's just... there's so much stuff. I'm just glad I have free time today... Did I just type "free time". Hahaa I've never had to worry about free time before. If I wanted to do something I just did it. I wonder if this is what it means to grow up.

To be honest I'm in no rush to grow up. Each passing year of college I just feel like I'm being pushed further and further into the real world. It's scary. I mean, I know I won't be alone. I have such a great family that I know they'll help me out with what ever I need, but I know I cant rely on them forever. My wings are going to sprout and I'm going to have to take flight one of these days. It's just a really scary thought. I mean do they let just anyone be an adult?

What ever. I'm already over it. I'll just continue to go with the flow, and schedule when scheduling is needed. That's my life, I hope your lives aren't as hectic as mine. Don't worry about me though, I'm Lavi! So I'll be fine. Well, until next time...


Back into the Swing of Things!

Hey guys! I'm back. I know it seems like I haven't posted anything (here on my fiction blog) for the longest. I came up with a new system for posting. No posting during break, accept maybe picture. I've noticed this pass break that I haven't had time to post much. I never really sat down in front of a computer and just let my fingers get to work. Though when school is in session I'm doing nothing but sitting in front of a computer. Soooo no posting during breaks.

On the other hand, I'm back in school. Back! That's a funny word. Considering how much I was checking my email and class schedule it doesn't really feel like I left. Anyhow, this semester I'm looking to apply myself more than ever. I tried doing my work for me, and that didn't seem to work. So I've decided, as you all probably already guessed from my last few blogs, that I'm going to do my work for my nieces and nephew. I want to be the role model that they want to follow. How do I do that? By keeping them in mind every time I feel like quitting. Not only them, my entire family and Nick and his family. I've grown very close not only with my family but also Nick's.

To be honest I think that's going to be one of the hardest things to readjust to this semester. It was easy for me to leave home, and stay here and not contact anyone all semester before. Now, however, since I feel like I've gotten closer with so many people back home it's a little harder to get in to the swing of things here. Though once I began to build new relationships here it's going to be a great experience. I'm looking to better myself people. How am I doing? Haha!
Well until next time...


Living Positive

There are times when I do something I
don't mean to do.
When I realize I make a mistake, I slap myself
upside my head and say “Man I'm such an idiot!” I just recently
realized that doing that is hurting my self image. Think about every
time you guys do something like this, or curse yourself for doing
something wrong. Even if it's just a tiny mistake. Like misspelling
something. You ever chuckle to yourself and say “heh, I'm so
? I have. No matter what was the situation or the mistake,
you should never, and this is a proven fact, never badmouth yourself.
If you make a mistake, you make a mistake! That's it. Learn from it.
Want to know what I say when I make a mistake?

“Oh! I'll get it right next time!”

Affirmations! That's the key people.
“Bucket Fillers” “Ego Growers” call them what you want, they
help. If you tell yourself positive things all the time, your
self-esteem will increase, your self image will be a lot better and
your over all attitude would turn out for the better. This not only
works for your self image, but your goals and dreams. I don't care
who you guys are, where you are from or what you're like, everyone
out there has a goal and or dream. If you don't then you are one
unhappy unfulfilled person! A wise man, Eric Veno, once said “If
you are content with your life at a young age, you're miserable!”

Let me tell you guys, that hit home
for me. I'm working hard towards my goals and dreams each day.
Sometimes I may never leave my house. Some days it may not even seem
as though I'm doing anything. But I am. I'm speaking what I want and
I'm believing my words. Not only that, I'm looking at pictures of
things I want, or places I want to go. Not to mention I'm doing
things that is getting my closer to my goals. I now understand how to
get a place in Japan. :)

I'm serious guys! Positive behavior is
key. If you guys know me personally then you know this is how I am
already, but if you are just a dedicated reader, please understand
that this is how I always live. It wasn't always this intense or
impacting but it still live somewhat this way day to day, And I hope
you guys are somewhat inspired to at least write down a goal or
dream... Until next time



Phone Post.

I felt bad today. My mom asked for my help, I told her I could, but by the time I got back to her she found other people to help. I'm glad she was able to. It's just, I did really want to help.
But it's ok. I had to do a few things today. And I'm still not done. I have business later today. I've been putting a lot of time into it and I hope I get the support from them I want. I know I will. They are just that caring, that they would support no matter what I choose to do.
Oh I should be continuing my fiction blog soon, it's just I've been busy. Until next time...



Being Home

My Home
You know, I normally didn't like coming home for break, but this time, since I have a new mindset, I love being home. Being around my family and Nick (<-- Nathan. I changed his name for personal reasons). I'm sitting here with my mom, step-pop  sister, niece, nephew, and cousins. And I must say, it's seriously annoying, but it's comfortable. I'm not sure if it's because of the Holiday season, or some other unknown thing going on here, but I'm having the time of my life.
  It's funny how your thought process change when you decide to seriously make changes in your life. Not just for yourself, but for others. I feel as though I've gained some kind of inner warmth. I don't know... Anyway, I'm happy. And I love the feeling.
  Unfortunately, this post is going to be very short. I will try to post as often as I get.
Until next time...


My Friends Are My Family

My Dorm Room

I finally get a rest from this place. I'll admit, this is my home away from home. If I didn't love people so much, I'd spend my entire semester unbothered. That's just what I like. But I can't, I love to be around people too much.

Anyway, today, I'm going shopping with the girls and guys. My guys. No guy that I mentioned before in this blog. But Joseph and Lee are two very important people to me. We are all going out to the mall today to have some good ol' un-clean fun. That's just what we do. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss hanging with them. I love being around them, even when I'm mad at them. They show me what true friendship, and what a true family really is. Now, I'm not taking a smash on my family, I just wanted to point out that when you have friends like this there is no need for enemies... Until next time...



Time to Relax

  I know I haven't posted in a while, it's just I just came out of finals week and let me tell you, it kicked my... you know. I had a lot of studying to do. I though I was going to get a high grade for music, but I thought wrong. I don't know what happened to me. It's not like I didn't study this semester. It just feels like I didn't give it my best. Which is something I normally beat myself up over. I'm not going to this time, though. I have too much other stuff to worry about. I'll just try harder next semester. 
  Enough about finals, let's talk about this break! I get six weeks off from school. That's more than enough to gather my thoughts and know what I want out of next semester. Not just with school, but my personal life as well. I'm going to come up with a very distinct schedule. Or not, maybe I'll just go with the flow. Either way I do know It's going to be a different semester for me.  A
As far as break goes, I'm not really sure what I want from my break. I just to get things done. What exactly? I'm not sure. Maybe to get closer to my dog, and help out more around the house. Strengthen my relationship with Nathan, or even focus a lot of my attention my my film. What ever the case, even though I enjoy my lazy days, I feel I should keep myself busy this break.

  Anyway. I hope the rest of you have a plan for your break. I've got some thinking to do, so I'll end it here. Oh, I'm going to start posting pictures with my posts soon. So until then...


The Mall is Evil

  Seriously people, I should just stay away from the mall for as long as I live. That's if I want to get to Japan anyway. I just checked my bank account this morning and I found that I spent money in my Reserve account. I thought that if I put money in my reserve then, my checking account wouldn't allow me to pull money from there... I was wrong. I spent almost all of what I had been saving... I seriously want to cry. If there is anything I hate, it's regression. And to start over, ugh! It's soooo annoying! The mall is evil people.
 I should just start some kind of found raiser for myself... "Help Lavi get to Japan for a semester, so she can stop bothering you about everything that is Japan" I wonder who would actually donate to that...
  When I think about it, this entry is relatively short. I honestly just wanted to rant about my stupid money leaving my for cute shoes and a shirt similar to one of the shirts Taemin has... And some facial exfoliating cream... Stupid Russian, talking me into to buying something as superficial as exfoliating cream... Oh, and Auntie Anne's and their stupid ridiculously delicious pretzels.
  You know what, other than my date with Nathan this Christmas, I'm not going to anymore malls! And if I do go, I'm going window shopping. And that's it!
  Until next time my little duckies...


Getting Older

As I've been possibly indicating in my last few posts and on my statuses on Facebook, I'm getting older, becoming more mature and just realizing and understand my role in life and how I'm going to give back to the community. Though even though I'm aware of these things, there is still a part of me that lives in the past. For instance, when I'm about to do something like travel from home to school, I let my Mommy know where I'm going. Another example would be this: I'm going to Maryland soon, to do research and get a few consultants for a film I'll be producing next semester. And I was actually worried that my Mom wouldn't give me permission to go. But I realized something, as she is always pointing out, I'm an adult. Of course I'll let my Mom know when I'm heading to Maryland and keep in constant contact with her as I'm traveling, but I don't really need permission. The same thing goes with studying abroad. Yet even though I don't need my Mom's permission, that still doesn't mean that there won't be any indication of asking while I'm telling her. 

Honestly when I really think about it, I don't believe the child in us every really dies. I know people who are in their twenties and still needs their parents permission for everything they do. I know I'm not like that. I respect and am grateful for my Mom giving me my respect as an adult. Even if I still just see myself as a kid. And I'm sure she does as well, but I guess you could say she gives me the benefit of the doubt. To be really truthful here, I don't think this child in me would ever leave. I believe I would be "asking my Mom for permission" when I'm well in to my 40's.

Either way I'll always know this: My mom will always be there for me and supporting me no matter what decision I make. That's just one of the qualities I love about her most.

~Love you Mom!

Until next time...

The things we don't notice.

I woke up this morning annoyed with the world. Simply because I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep. I got dressed, did my makeup and made my way outside with my ipod on full blast, not wanting to be bothered with anyone today. But when I walked outside I was halted in my steps. Guys, I'm not lying when I say I seriously came to a complete stop, and sighed. But this was not a sigh of annoyance, it was of pure awe. Dude, the quad was covered in a light fog that hovered inches above the grass. The sky was a mix of purples and oranges, with the waning moon sitting high in the sky. About the size of a quarter. The sun was just rising so the moon shone beautifully. Birds, I believe crows, were flying overhead. They were lit from underneath due to the sun's position and they were spread out over the entire sky. Seriously guys, it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I even forgot to take a picture. When I finally began to walk again I noticed people just going about their busy days, not even caring about the scene that was taking place right above their heads.
  I'm telling you guys, the things we don't notice... I'm sure this isn't the first time the Earth gave such wonderful beauty, but I know it's the first time I've noticed it. Just imagine how many more beautiful things I could see if I just took the time to look up. Don't get me wrong. I love the sky, I'm always sky gazing. But in the mornings when I'm on my way to work, the thought of looking up just never crosses my mind. 
  Take the time to notice these things people. Life is too short for us not to admire the very planet we call home. We are killing her every day, and she still provides us with this incredible scenery. Take the time guys, that's all I ask.

Oh, by the way. I'm starting another blog. A fictional one. I just posted my first entry today. So if you guys are interested check it out. Here is the page: http://maggieandwe.livejournal.com/
It's all fictional and will progress kind of like a novel. But this first entry was just an intro to what the blog will be about.
Until next time people...